Life Sciences

Molecular Biology Assessment of Syringomyelia

A $67,000 research grant has been awarded to Nic Leipzig, PhD to conduct research in nerve damage and healing, specifically looking at the molecular processes that are involved in syringomyelia.

The work will characterize the fundamental process of nerve damage, which is presently not well understood. Dr. Leipzig will utilize state of the art cellular […]

The Developmental Impact of Chiari Malformation

Dr. Kevin Kaut, a professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Akron, and a former school psychologist will examine in depth the impact Chiari has on school age children and adolescents with a $53,000 grant.

Dr. Kaut will interview and assess Chiari patients in different age groups to gather data on their cognitive […]

Metabolic and Inflammatory Alterations in CM Patients

Many neurological conditions, such as MS, have been shown to involve significant changes in brain metabolism with indications of an inflammatory response.

Dr. Leah Shriver, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biology at the University of Akron, will use a $60,000 grant to explore her hypothesis that Chiari patients, due to the tonsillar […]