Voices of Chiari : Patient Registry

Conquer Chiari has created the Conquer Chiari Patient Registry, a web accessed, secure database application that collects and stores demographic and health related data voluntarily provided by Chiari patients. The registry now has data from more than 1600 patients!

To analyze this wealth of information, Conquer Chiari is awarding Dr. Michelle Chyatte and her colleagues […]

MRI Based Classification of Chiari

Almost every Chiari patient knows that tonsillar herniation alone is not a good indicator of symptomatic Chiari. The question then becomes, is there another objective way to identify (or diagnose) symptomatic Chiari from MRIs?

Dr. Malena Espanol of the Mathematics Dept. at the University of Akron believes there is. Dr. Espanol will apply what is […]

Cerebrospinal Fluid Hydrodynamics in Chiari Malformation


The goal of the proposed study is to assess the utility of novel, MR-based hydrodynamic measures of spinal canal resistance and compliance by showing differences: (1) between adult patients diagnosed with Chiari Malformation (CM) and healthy, age/gender-matched volunteers; and (2) within the CM patient group before and after surgical treatment.

We hypothesize that hydrodynamic changes […]

Multicenter In Vitro Assessment of 4D PC MRI

CSF dynamics are thought to be indicative of Chiari I malformation (CM) severity. The accurate detection and assessment of abnormalities in CSF dynamics could help in clinical decision-making. However, studies utilizing 2D PC MRI as a tool to assess CSF dynamics have brought mixed results. Some have found CSF velocities to be greater in […]

Brain Damage in Chiari 1 Malformation

A research grant has been awarded to Phil Allen, PhD and Bryn Martin, PhD to understand the neuroscience of brain damage in Chiari I malformation patients.

This work will help to understand how damage to brain tissue occurs in Chiari and the cognitive and/or emotional impacts this damage may impart. Dr. Allen and Martin will […]