Project Description

A research grant has been awarded to Phil Allen, PhD and Bryn Martin, PhD to understand the neuroscience of brain damage in Chiari I malformation patients.

This work will help to understand how damage to brain tissue occurs in Chiari and the cognitive and/or emotional impacts this damage may impart. Dr. Allen and Martin will utilize detailed psychological tests (32-lead electroencephalogram and others) and MRI diffusion tensor imaging and brain motion analysis tools to quantify brain damage in Chiari.

This interdisciplinary study will be conducted in partnership with Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Stephen Dombrowski PhD and Mark Luciano PhD, MD) and Vanderbilt University (Seth Smith, PhD). Results from this study will help to understand the location that damage occurs in Chiari and new information about the specific neural circuits involved. Dr. Allen joins the CCRC team at the University of Akron to conduct this uniquely interdisciplinary study.