Francis Loth has contributed to the field of biofluids over the past two decades. His research has examined the contribution of hemodynamics forces in the development and progression of vascular disease. In addition, he conducted some of the early research in cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and its relationship to craniospinal disorders (Chiari malformation and syringomyelia).

At the University of Akron, he is Professor and F. Theodore Harrington Chair in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Executive Director of the Conquer Chiari Research Center. He is the current Chair of the ASME Bioengineering Fluids Committee.

Read: Dr. Loth Awarded $500,000 grant by National Institutes of Health (NIH).


  • Executive Director, Conquer Chiari Research Center
  • Director, Biofluids Laboratory at the University of Akron
  • Professor in the Departments of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering



  • M.S., Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
    Georgia Institute of Technology, 1990, 1993
  • M.S. Aerospace Engineering
    University of Cincinnati, 1988
  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering
    West Virginia University, 1984


Research Interests

  • Biofluid Mechanics of Craniospinal disorders
  • Cardiovascular Hemodynamics
  • CFD dynamics as it relates to Chiari and syringomyelia
  • Fluid dynamics of blood and its relationship to disease


Selected Publications

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